Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flying to Paris 11/26/09

Happy Thanksgiving! Instead of having the traditional celebration, on Thanksgiving day, I flew to Paris! I arrived at the Louisvile airport at approximately 9:30am. I was so proud of myself...I managed to get everything into one suitcase (only 42 lbs!), one carry-on, and a purse. At the time, I thought I had packed pretty lightly, relatively speaking! The first leg of my flight was to Detroit. I had a very brief and uneventful layover before boarding my flight to New York's JFK airport. I arrived at JFK Terminal 4 around 3:30pm. My excitement level crept up as we flew over Manhattan!!
I picked up my luggage and made my way to terminal 6 to meet Natashia. She got her luggage, and then we both trecked to terminal 7. We very early began to regret packing such large suitcases...lugging it all that way was not easy!
(Me with a Christmas tree at JFK airport)

We checked in, flirted with a cute security guy, and then got some dinner before heading to our terminal to wait for our flight. Around 7:45pm, we began boarding our Iceland Air flight! Each seat on the plane had its own TV monitor. You could watch movies or TV shows, listen to music, or track the progress of the flight.
We tried to sleep a little, but since it was still such an early time at home, we were wide awake for most of the flight. We played cards...Go Fish and War. I think I only managed to get about an hour and a half of restless sleep on the flight.

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