Wednesday, September 8, 2010

San Antonio: Day 8

It's my last day in San Antonio. :-( It really has been a nice, long trip, though, so I can't complain too much! It's just never long enough when you're trying to catch up with friends and spend time with family. I'm glad I got to spend so much time with my brother, though. That was important to me.

During the night, the crazy rain continued. I woke up several times from either the thunder rattling the windows (and setting off car alarms!) or even just the rain beating the pavement. I checked the radar this morning, and it seems there is no end in sight. They estimate about a foot of rain before its all over. There is bad flooding for sure.

I woke up around 7:00am, said goodbye to Kristina, and then worked on getting myself and all of my things ready. At 9:30, Jon picked me up and we went to the Egg & I for breakfast. He dropped me back off at the apartment, and David picked me and my luggage up there. We went to say goodbye to mom at her work, and then David dropped me off at the airport a little after 12:30. Flying home was easy, if not a little drawn out (layover in Houston and stopover in St. Louis), but I made it home at 7:50! When I got home, I went for a quick walk in the cool weather to work off some of the calories I ate on the trip! I settled in, unpacked, and started downloading all of my photos!

I do have to say that it was a spectacular trip. It is good to be home, though!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

San Antonio: Day 7


This morning, I was up at 7:20. Tropical Storm Hermine was in the area, so it was pouring rain. It was kind of nice though, to have a rain on a quiet morning. I just hope the weather doesn't affect my flight tomorrow.

I washed some clothes and reorganized my suitcase a little. At 11:45 David came to pick me up and we drove to Universal City to have lunch at Felix's with Mama Ginny and Papa Dave, Aunt Barb and Uncle Steve, Aunt Gloria, and Amy and Joe. The rain and wind combo was really scary! There were several accidents on the highway, and at one point, most people were only going about 35 or 40 mph. There was pretty bad flooding, as well. The power flickered at the restaurant and a lot of the areas around Universal City had lost power. Aunt Gloria got a call that her neighbor's roof was blowing off! Crazy!

We had to have the restaurant embarrass Dave for his birthday, so he got the ol' sombrero happy birthday! 

After lunch, David and I went to see Shannon at work. The area where she works (near The Quarry) was without power, too. The plan was for David and I to pick up Shannon's phone and take it the Sprint store right there to get something worked out for her, but the whole Quarry was shut down due to no power.

We drove back over to our side of town, and luckily everything was still open. We got the phone thing worked out, and by then, Shannon had left work. They closed up early because the electric company said the power would not be on in her building until either later tonight or tomorrow morning!

We picked up Shannon and then went to see mom at work for a little bit. Then we went to Best Buy just to look around. The rain had still really not slowed down all day! As Jon said, it was literally coming down in sheets and buckets! I was supposed to do a photo session with the Felux family tonight, but needless to say, that did not happen!

The three of us went back to their apartment and Shannon worked on baking a birthday cake. At 7:30, we met their friend, Carissa, for dinner at Shogun, which was fun. There was a boy at our table with his family who was also celebrating a birthday, so after dinner, they brought out some ice cream with sparklers for the birthday boys.

After a quick stop at CVS to pick up some Claritin (my allergies have been driving me nuts the last two days!), David dropped me off at the girls' apartment. Katie had to go out of town today, so Kristina and I just hung out and watched some Gilmore Girls, and I worked on the puzzle some more. I went to bed around 11:00pm.

San Antonio: Day 6

Happy Labor Day!

This morning, I woke up around 7:45. I got ready, and a little bit after 10:00, my BFF, Jon (hehe), came to pick me up. We stopped to fill up his car with some gas and then went to starbucks for a coffee, and then we got on the road to Austin.

Being goofy in the car

We arrived at Cheryl and Andy's house around 12:15. We talked a little and played with baby Virgil while Andy finished grilling burgers. Virgil is so stinkin' cute! He makes the best faces and he's pretty easy going! (Photos will be posted at - check it in the next couple of weeks!)

We ate lunch (the burgers were so yummy!!), and then everyone got ready to go to a nearby park for some family photos. It was really hot, but in the shade, there was usually a nice breeze. I think I got some really cute photos! I can't wait to put them on my computer and get a good look at them!

After about an hour of photos, we went to Amy's Ice Cream for a treat to help us cool down. Jon and I said goodbye to the Terrels, and by 4:00-ish, we were back on the road to San Antonio. We arrived at Jon's church about 5:15pm. He has to go to Mass, and Kathryn came and picked me up for take two on her photo shoot!

First, we went right around the corner to Landa Library. We got some really good shots with a flowering tree, some columns, and a log cabin. :-) Then, we went across the street to the campus of Trinity University. Both of my parents went to Trinity, and I attended Trinity my freshman year before I decided it was too small of a school and too close to home and transferred to Texas Tech. Being on campus was a little nostalgic, but they have built a lot of new things since I went there. Its still a beautiful campus. We took photos in the meditation garden by the chapel, against the brick of the bell tower, and in front of the "Birthday Fountain." (check soon for post!)

At 6:30, Katie and Kristina swung by to pick me up. I went with the to the newly refurbished Pearl Brewery area and took some photos of them. It is impossible for them to make serious faces when taking photos! I swear! I got maybe a handful of normal faced photos, and at least 150 goofy ones! (check soon for post!)

The sunset tonight was amazingly gorgeous!

By this time, after three outdoor photo shoots, I was hot and sweaty and was in great want/need of a shower! The girls dropped me off at their place so I could clean up, and then went to get some dinner. At about 8:30, Jon came and picked me up and we went to Chili's. I got a much needed and very delicious salad. After dinner, he took me back to Katie and Kristina's. We all sat in the living room for a while..Kristina watched the news, Katie read, and I worked on putting a few pieces into a puzzle that the girls just started. By 11:00, we had all gone to bed.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Houston / San Antonio: Day 5

I woke up about 8:00am, and so did Gammy. We got to sit down and have some fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast and talk a little bit. I woke David and Shannon up at 9:30 so that they would have some time with Gammy, too before we had to drive back to San Antonio.

We finished up our last chores for Gammy, cleaned up her kitchen a little, and by 12:15, we were on the road back to San Antonio. We stopped at Buc-ees for bathrooms and a snack. I love Buc-ees! It has the cleanest bathrooms you'll ever see at a truck stop, and it is a huge convenience store/restaurant. They are famous for their homemade jerkey and fudge. And Buc-ee the Beaver. Hehe.

We arrived in San Antonio around 3:30. David and Shannon dropped me off at my mom's house. I had originally planned to use her car this afternoon for a photo shoot that I had scheduled, but my clients went out of town for the holiday weekend at the last minute, so I ended up not needing to borrow her car. It worked out, though, because Katie and Kristina were in the area visiting a friend, so they were able to come pick me up while David and Shannon headed to a pool party.

Katie, Kristina, and I hung out at their place for a little while and I got freshened up a bit for dinner. At 7:15, we headed to ChaCho's! I had been looking forward to this dinner forever, even though my stomach is still sooooo full from the past few days! We got there, and at about the same time, so did Kate and her husband, and Kathryn. We ordered drinks (margaritas, daquiris, frozen jack and coke...mmm!) and food and soon we were joined Kandis and Greg, David and Shannon, Sofi, and Jon. It was packed and we remembered that it was karaoke night! Kandis and I signed up and eventually got our turn on stage! We sang "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benetar! Good times!

Spanish karaoke!!

At that point, it was almost 10:30, and we were all pretty tired, so those of us who were left decided to call it a night (we're so old!). Katie and Kristina had already gone home, so Jon gave me a ride to their place. I miss him so much! We had good conversation and lots of laughs in the short ride home. It's very good to see him. If only we could get a petition going to move him to Louisville. ;-)

When I got "home,' Katie and Kristina were starting a puzzle they had just bought. I stayed up and helped them put together all the outside pieces, and then, at about 11:30, we decided it was time for bed!

I went to bed a happy girl! Such a good day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Houston: Day 4

I woke up a little bit before 7:00am today to get ready for the photo shoot I had this morning. However, Kristina called me around 8:30 and said that one of her kiddos was sick and she would have to cancel! Poor little guy! I was bummed, but Shannon was glad that she got to sleep in a little bit!

David and I made pigs in a blanket rolls for breakfast, and then around 11:30, he, Shannon, and I ran an errand for Gammy. Around 12:30, we went back to the house to pick her up for our second round of errands.

Our first destination was to drive past the house where Gammy's grandparents used to live. The neighborhood was founded in 1870 and has recently been re-enlivened. The houses are all so cute! Gammy said that her grandparents lived in that house from about 1915 until 1940. Very cool! It's going through some renovations right now, but she said it basically looked the same.

Gammy had this photo of the original house in one of her photo albums!

After that, we drove to Best Buy with the mission of helping Gammy pick out a new flat screen TV for her bedroom! I LOVE Best Buy, so that was a fun little adventure for me, even though I didn't purchase anything for myself.

We arrived back home around 2:00 and fixed some sandwiches for lunch. After we cleaned up, Shannon went and took a nap, and David and I worked on doing some chores around the house for Gammy. Among other things, David started to hook up the new TV, and we realized that we had picked up the wrong model! So, Dave and I went back to Best Buy to exchange it, and then we stopped at Kroger to pick up a few more things. Once we were back home, we started discussing picking up dinner to go from Carrabba's. I fixed a salad while David and Shannon went to pick up the food. We watched Date Night while we ate.

We had also bought a cake mix at Kroger, so around 9:00pm, I started to fix a birthday cake for myself and David. Instead of having 52 candles (29 + 23), we opted instead to get a number "5" candle and a number "2' candle!

We all went to bed fairly early...I think around 11:00... and slept very well!