Sunday, September 5, 2010

Houston / San Antonio: Day 5

I woke up about 8:00am, and so did Gammy. We got to sit down and have some fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast and talk a little bit. I woke David and Shannon up at 9:30 so that they would have some time with Gammy, too before we had to drive back to San Antonio.

We finished up our last chores for Gammy, cleaned up her kitchen a little, and by 12:15, we were on the road back to San Antonio. We stopped at Buc-ees for bathrooms and a snack. I love Buc-ees! It has the cleanest bathrooms you'll ever see at a truck stop, and it is a huge convenience store/restaurant. They are famous for their homemade jerkey and fudge. And Buc-ee the Beaver. Hehe.

We arrived in San Antonio around 3:30. David and Shannon dropped me off at my mom's house. I had originally planned to use her car this afternoon for a photo shoot that I had scheduled, but my clients went out of town for the holiday weekend at the last minute, so I ended up not needing to borrow her car. It worked out, though, because Katie and Kristina were in the area visiting a friend, so they were able to come pick me up while David and Shannon headed to a pool party.

Katie, Kristina, and I hung out at their place for a little while and I got freshened up a bit for dinner. At 7:15, we headed to ChaCho's! I had been looking forward to this dinner forever, even though my stomach is still sooooo full from the past few days! We got there, and at about the same time, so did Kate and her husband, and Kathryn. We ordered drinks (margaritas, daquiris, frozen jack and coke...mmm!) and food and soon we were joined Kandis and Greg, David and Shannon, Sofi, and Jon. It was packed and we remembered that it was karaoke night! Kandis and I signed up and eventually got our turn on stage! We sang "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benetar! Good times!

Spanish karaoke!!

At that point, it was almost 10:30, and we were all pretty tired, so those of us who were left decided to call it a night (we're so old!). Katie and Kristina had already gone home, so Jon gave me a ride to their place. I miss him so much! We had good conversation and lots of laughs in the short ride home. It's very good to see him. If only we could get a petition going to move him to Louisville. ;-)

When I got "home,' Katie and Kristina were starting a puzzle they had just bought. I stayed up and helped them put together all the outside pieces, and then, at about 11:30, we decided it was time for bed!

I went to bed a happy girl! Such a good day!

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