Friday, September 3, 2010

San Antonio / Houston: Day 3

Happy birthday to me! :-)

I slept in until 9:45am! Katie and Kristina left a happy birthday sign hanging outside my bedroom door! It was a nice surprise to wake up to.

I got up, got ready, repacked my bags, and at 11:30am, David came by and picked me up. We stopped to fill up his truck with some gasoline, and then we went to pick Shannon up from work. She had a half day, and so was able to leave work around noon. She also just won a contest at work...guessing how many skittles are in a jar. Her guess was closest, so among other things, she won a jar of over 4000 skittles, so we had that along for the ride, too. We barely made a dent in it, though!

Big Texas skies

The Driver

Nap time! Shannon is somewhere under that big, floppy hat!

 Air guitar to "You Can Call Me Al"

Shannon's "Pink Bear" wanted some skittles, too!

We drove the three-ish hours to Houston, but had to make a pit stop a little over an hour out in Lulling. A light came on David's dash saying that a bulb was out, so we stopped to check the brake lights. Sure enough, three of them were out, but thankfully the gas station we stopped at sold them. We were stopped about 20 minutes while we changed the bulbs, and then we got back on the road.

 We arrived at Gammy's house at about 3:45pm.  We sat and talked with her a bit, then David and Shannon went to the grocery store to stock up on the basics for her. She is having a lot more trouble getting around recently, so she appreciated that. I got a birthday phone call from my friend, Crystal, and we talked for about 20 minutes.

Once David and Shannon were back, we put the groceries away and then piled into the car and headed to our family favorite, Molina's! It just so happened that we ran into our cousins, Camille, Gene, and Jennifer there, and we were seated at tables right next to each other! I was glad to get to see them! A couple of birthday margaritas, some really good salsa, and excellently cheesy enchiladas later, I was a happy (and slightly tipsy!) girl!

After dinner, David, Shannon, and I went to Blockbuster and picked up a few videos. Gammy had a gift card that needed to be used, so we got three movies. Tonight we watched Temple Grandin with Claire Danes. I hadn't heard much about it, but apparently it won some Emmy Awards. I was pretty sleepy and still tipsy, so I dozed off and didn't really pay much attention, but everyone else really liked it.

I followed up with some emails and then we all piled into Gammy's bed and talked to her for a while until she was ready to go to sleep, Then, Shannon and I went on a little exploratory mission and looked through all of Gammy's old photos, books, and memorabilia. It is so cool that she has books from 1888, her father's college diploma from 1906 that is literally falling apart from old age, and old photos and newspaper announcements.

I stayed up much later than I had wanted to, but it was a great day!

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