Wednesday, September 8, 2010

San Antonio: Day 8

It's my last day in San Antonio. :-( It really has been a nice, long trip, though, so I can't complain too much! It's just never long enough when you're trying to catch up with friends and spend time with family. I'm glad I got to spend so much time with my brother, though. That was important to me.

During the night, the crazy rain continued. I woke up several times from either the thunder rattling the windows (and setting off car alarms!) or even just the rain beating the pavement. I checked the radar this morning, and it seems there is no end in sight. They estimate about a foot of rain before its all over. There is bad flooding for sure.

I woke up around 7:00am, said goodbye to Kristina, and then worked on getting myself and all of my things ready. At 9:30, Jon picked me up and we went to the Egg & I for breakfast. He dropped me back off at the apartment, and David picked me and my luggage up there. We went to say goodbye to mom at her work, and then David dropped me off at the airport a little after 12:30. Flying home was easy, if not a little drawn out (layover in Houston and stopover in St. Louis), but I made it home at 7:50! When I got home, I went for a quick walk in the cool weather to work off some of the calories I ate on the trip! I settled in, unpacked, and started downloading all of my photos!

I do have to say that it was a spectacular trip. It is good to be home, though!

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