Saturday, September 4, 2010

Houston: Day 4

I woke up a little bit before 7:00am today to get ready for the photo shoot I had this morning. However, Kristina called me around 8:30 and said that one of her kiddos was sick and she would have to cancel! Poor little guy! I was bummed, but Shannon was glad that she got to sleep in a little bit!

David and I made pigs in a blanket rolls for breakfast, and then around 11:30, he, Shannon, and I ran an errand for Gammy. Around 12:30, we went back to the house to pick her up for our second round of errands.

Our first destination was to drive past the house where Gammy's grandparents used to live. The neighborhood was founded in 1870 and has recently been re-enlivened. The houses are all so cute! Gammy said that her grandparents lived in that house from about 1915 until 1940. Very cool! It's going through some renovations right now, but she said it basically looked the same.

Gammy had this photo of the original house in one of her photo albums!

After that, we drove to Best Buy with the mission of helping Gammy pick out a new flat screen TV for her bedroom! I LOVE Best Buy, so that was a fun little adventure for me, even though I didn't purchase anything for myself.

We arrived back home around 2:00 and fixed some sandwiches for lunch. After we cleaned up, Shannon went and took a nap, and David and I worked on doing some chores around the house for Gammy. Among other things, David started to hook up the new TV, and we realized that we had picked up the wrong model! So, Dave and I went back to Best Buy to exchange it, and then we stopped at Kroger to pick up a few more things. Once we were back home, we started discussing picking up dinner to go from Carrabba's. I fixed a salad while David and Shannon went to pick up the food. We watched Date Night while we ate.

We had also bought a cake mix at Kroger, so around 9:00pm, I started to fix a birthday cake for myself and David. Instead of having 52 candles (29 + 23), we opted instead to get a number "5" candle and a number "2' candle!

We all went to bed fairly early...I think around 11:00... and slept very well!

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