Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York Day Two 12/13/09

I woke up at 7:45am. Natashia was going to mass and brunch with Melissa, but I decided I would go by myself to Times Square and stand in line at the TKTS booth. I got there pretty early, and there wasn't even a line yet, so I decided to walk around Times Square. I enjoyed being on my own for a while. I did some souvenir shopping for my family, walked to and took pictures of the Late Show studio, and got a bagel for breakfast.
At about 9:30, I got in line at TKTS and talked on the phone with my mom while I waited. It started raining, but it was a soft, cleansing rain, so I didn't was actually kind of nice! I was towards the front of the line, so when it opened at 10:00am, I got through pretty quickly. I got two 10th row tickets for Irving Berlin's White Christmas for just under $100 each...didn't think it was that great of a deal, but I got them. After getting the tickets, I walked around some more, and then around 12:45, I decided to get some lunch before meeting Natashia for the show. I went to TGIFridays in Times Square and paid $26 for a turkey sandwich and a water. I figured it was worth it, thought, just for the experience of being right there in Times Square! A little before 2:00pm, I met Natashia in front of the Marquis theater, and we went in and got our seats for the show.
It was decent. There is still nothing that can even come close to matching the original Bing Crosby movie version. At the end, it started snowing over the audience as they were singing "White Christmas," and I did think that was pretty neat. Between the overcast sky and the short winter days, it was almost dark when we got out of the show between 4:30 and 5:00. But being in Times Square, you would never know it from all the lights!
It was still drizzling a bit, but we decided to take the metro to Rockefeller Center to see if we could get a better view of the tree. It was a lot less crowded, and I did get a few really good pictures. The tree is much prettier all lit up at night!
We were also there to catch the light show at Saks! The snowflakes on the side of the building blink in time to Christmas music. That was really fun to see!

Since it was so rainy, and we were kind of tired, we decided to go ahead and call it an early night around 6:00pm. We took the metro back to Melissa's, I took a shower and put on my cozy pj's, we ordered a couple salads for dinner, and watched some TV (White Christmas was on!). I'm sure we fell asleep relatively early that night.

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