Sunday, January 3, 2010

At Sea 12/4/09

It was our first day to truly just sleep in, and we certainly did not waste the opportunity! We slept until 11:30am!!! We couldn't believe it, but we must have more tired than we thought! As we got up and got ready for the day, we passed the Spanish island of Ibiza. I also talked to Chad on the phone. He said that he and Scott were feeling a bit under the weather, but they definitely wanted to do dinner sometime soon and would let us know when they were feeling up to it. We went to the Garden Cafe for lunch, and sat outside on the patio. It was surprisingly warm and very pleasant! As we were finishing, Jonathan and Maureen found us! It seemed like we kept running into them throughout the trip, but we definitely didn't mind! They sat down with us and we all talked for a while. We agreed to meet for dinner later that evening. After lunch, I checked my email dad had emailed me to let me know that David's lung surgery would not be until after I got home, so I felt a bit of relief knowing I would at least be stateside when he was going under the knife. In the afternoon, Natashia and I walked around the ship a little bit.

We had big plans to attend the champagne art auction and to play a few rounds of Bingo...but we ended up back in our cabin taking a long nap! We got up in time to meet Jonathan and Maureen at Magenta for dinner. We opted for open seating, and shared a table with a nice older couple from Dover, England. We had a good dinner and good conversation.
After dinner, Jonathan, Marueen, Natashia and I went to Stardust Theater to see the Second City Improv Comedy Troupe. It is the group from Chicago that is responsible for the careers of comedians such as Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Nia Vardalos, Martin Short, John and Jim Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Bonnie Hunt, Ryan Stiles, Bill Murray, and Mike Myers, just to name a few! Basically, everyone who has ever been on Saturday Night Live, MadTV, or Whose Line is it Anyway? Lol! Their show was outstandingly funny! I enjoyed it very much!
After the show, we got ready for the White Hot Party in the Spinnaker! The lounge was all decked out with white decorations and ice sculptures. Everyone wore white (some people wore their bathrobes and bedsheets...Andy and Rob had on fluffy angel wings!) and we danced to Techno/House music in the strobe and black lights! It was pretty fun!

They had a shadow box screen that the cruise ship dancers were behind, and then they gave everyone a chance to get in on the action! Rashaan, one of the ship's dancers, decided to do a naughty strip tease behind the curtain, and Ruben, one of the guys from Los Locos Ole gave it a good shot, too!

After the main White Hot Party ended, there was an after party in Bliss Ultra Lounge! We went for an hour or so, and then by 1:30pm, I was pooped! I went back to the cabin and hopped into my cozy, Italian-made bed and sheets! :-)

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