Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Sea 12/6/09

Since we got an extra hour of sleep, my internal alarm clock woke me up nice and early at 7:30am.

Natashia decided she wanted to stay in bed a little while longer, so I decided to get out and head to breakfast to ease the rumblings in my tummy. However, my excursion was made difficult by the ship's rocking. Sitting in a restaurant at the back of the ship trying to eat while bobbing up and down did not go over so well. After a few bites, I decided I had better get back to the steady confines of my bed before those few bites made an unwelcomed reappearance! We ended up spending a lot of time in bed due to feeling a little bit seasick. We weren't alone in that! From this day until the end of the cruise, the sea only got rougher (up to 30 foot waves!) and stormier. A lot of people experienced seasickness and stayed in their cabins! It was even hard to walk...everytime you took a step in one direction, the ship would pull or toss you the opposite way! It made for some laughs, but overall, I think most of us would have prefered a smoother ride! Even the crew said this was the worst they'd had it in a long time. We tried Blue Lagoon again, this time for lunch at 1:30pm. The quality of the food seemed to be a little bit better than the first time we ate there, but nothing to get too excited about. After lunch, we went back to our cabin to settle ourselves a bit. The Wizard of Oz was the movie playing on loop for the day, so we watched a bit of that. It was funny because later that afternoon, I heard someone down the hall whistling one of the tunes from the movie! I guess since almost everyone was in their room, and there were only about 5 TV stations, we were all watching the same thing! At 5:00pm, we went to play trivia in Bar City. On our way out, we stopped to take a picture with our room stewards, Joseph and Cris! They were tons of fun and always so happy to see us, even though they told us they weren't feeling that great, either!

It felt a bit steadier during trivia in Bar City since it was in the center of the ship. Our team won!! The prize was another Norwegian Cruise Line pen, so I decided to pass my prize on to someone else. :-) At 6:00pm, we met the Cruise Critic group for dinner in La Cucina. Snorklin' Barb, aka Barbara Bush (yes, that is her real name!!) was the organizer of the event, and she did a great job! The restaurant was closed down just for us (I think there were over 100 of us there!) and we had a special menu with complimentary appetizers and wine. I think everyone really enjoyed the dinner, although there were so many of us, I did not get to talk to everyone! I tried to take some pictures, but, again, the ship was bouncing so much that it was hard to steady myself enough to get a good shot.

After dinner, we wanted to try and stay out and about so we didn't end up sleeping the whole day away. We walked around, and ran into Jonathan and Maureen! It was so much fun bumping into people all the time! It was like a floating mini-city where you get to know all of your neighbors! Jonathan and Maureen said they had been in bed all day, too, and were not feeling so great. On top of everything else, Jonathan said he had suffered from a pretty bad case of food poisoning the night before! We had planned on going to the show that night (it was an encore of The Second City improv group...we were really looking forward to seeing it), but just the thought of the rocking we would have felt sitting in the Stardust Theater (at the very front of the ship) made us nauseous. So, we decided to take some motion sickness pills and call it a night!

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