Monday, January 11, 2010

At Sea 12/8/09

Again, the time change allowed my internal alarm to wake me up bright and early at 7:00am. I felt great in the morning, thanks to the motion sickness patch! I got up and moving and went to check my email, get some breakfast, and walk around the decks to see just how bad the waves were!


I went back to the room to shower and relax a bit. Both of us got up and moving around 1:30pm and went to Garden Cafe for lunch. At 2:30pm, we went to the Crystal Atrium for a showing of a short film by Disney, "Destino." It is a collaborative work begun by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in 1946 and never released to the public. I did find it on YouTube, so here it is for all of you to see! :-)

After the film, we were feeling a little queasy and sleepy, so we decided to go to the room to rest a little. At 4:45pm, we headed to the Spinnaker for Salsa lessons, but the ship was litterally bouncing up and down so hard, that I decided to sit the lessons out and just watch. The lessons were a bit disorganized, and they covered just the basic steps I already know, so I really didn't miss out on anything. I did get to sit with Dawn and Antohony and have a good laugh watching Natashia dance with her stalker! He had his eyes on her throughout most of the cruise!

After sitting in the rocking lounge for 45 minutes, I was feeling really nauseous. Again, we went back to the room and took a short nap until about 6:20pm. At 6:30pm, we had plans to meet Jonathan and Maureen for dinner at Tequila, the TexMex restaurant on the ship. The cover fee for Tequila is normally $10, but they were running a two for one special, so we decided to try it. We received complimentary margaritas and chips, which was nice. We all ordered fajitas, and they were pretty good! After dinner, we went right down the stairs to the Crystal Atrium. Il Divo Fourever was scheduled to perform a "sneak peek" of their show on the steps in the atrium at 8:00pm, so we thought we would go see if they were up to par with the real Il Divo. In the end, we decided they weren't horrible, but definitely not the same! The man with the longer hair (third from left) was my favorite. He was the only one who managed to consistenly sing with any kind of emotion or dynamic variance! (Although the guy on the end got sorta close sometimes!)

While we were in the lobby, I decided to grab some of the more powerful motion sickness pills available at the Guest Services desk. Even though the patch was supposedly good for three days, I think it lost some of its potency in the shower. I was desperate to not feel so woozy! We decided to brave the Spinnaker once again to go watch karaoke at 9:30pm. After karaoke hour, Andy led a game called "Quest." The audience was divided into 6 teams, each with one team leader. To play the game, Andy would call out an item and each team leader had to go through their team to find the item. The first team leader back to Andy with said item got a point! For example, one item Andy called out was a set of keys! That was definitely not easy to find! Another item Andy asked for was a man wearing a bra! It got a little R rated at this point when old ladies started stripping off their clothes to help their team! The last challenge was to dress a man entirely in women's clothing. They then had to parade around the room! That was a good laugh!

After "Quest" there was a 50s Sock Hop! We stayed and watched for a little while before heading to our cabin and collapsing into bed. Not only did the rocking of the ship make us made us so sleepy!!!

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